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It's only through collaboration that anything bears life. Seed to soil.... Air to breath... Fight to flight...

Science and medicine are not the answers of only one man's knowledge. Philosophy... not the writings of only one man's experience. Religion is not the making of only one man's ideology. Everything in your life is a collaboration, even the food you eat, ingredients mixed together to give you joy, health, energy, and life. If you want guarantees, buy a mattress. If you want to live in a society, then you must learn to work with the unknown, learn to work with each other, overcome hurdles, and do your best to grow and find happiness, together.

These "crooks" you speak of... They are everywhere. And simply acknowledging their existence does nothing to get rid of their corruption. These "crooks" you say, are within you, on the tip of your tongue, and in the belly of your hatred.

You are the crook, you are the crooked, and you're the ink that drains from their pen.

You want to fight, just to fight. But you are only fighting yourself. You ask for everything and put forward nothing but resistance to the prospect of change. Shame on you, you've already decided the fight is lost, I will not stand by and watch it all fall to pieces, shame, shame, shame on you.

You call yourself the winner of a race already lost?

I am here to change their minds, your minds, my mind... My very existence and your very existence, is proof of another way, another name, another claim to what is rightfully and justly ours.


I will not be quiet, I will not lay down and let you own parts of meat I don't care to claim anyway, not again, not now, not ever.

"I am more than the sum of my parts."

And you, well, you are skin pirates.

This shell, this skin you feel so safe in. You belong to the world, and the world gives back, only, and exactly what you ask for. It pays in bills you sold out on and will give you back, every, single, penny.

If all you scream is persecution, you will indeed be persecuted. If all you cry is prayer, you will fall in line, and wait. For judgment comes from within, knowing you are a liar, a fraud, and a cheat...

Find a way to open your hearts, their hearts, to see a different way. I am not frightened by them. I am frightened by you.

We are so easily distracted, so easily beaten, and so quick to lay down to die. How can I guarantee? Who are you to demand such perfection? Are you perfect? I know I'm not.

Life is not wrapped up so neatly, and if you think it should be, you are denying yourself the wonder of learning from your mistakes. Life is tricky, and amazing, and terrifying, and ever changing. It's not going to get all shiny and make sense just because you want it to.

I am not asking to make the world a perfectly reliable place, and nor should you. I am asking for collaboration.

The idea that you don't understand what I'm saying, what this means for you, to me, and to the children coming in on the whispers of your footsteps, starving for hope... is heartbreaking.

I applaud your thinking that you can figure everything out, all on your own. I applaud your audacity, to think you don't need, me, them, us...

What are you figuring out if not the ways of everything around you? You don't have all the answers, and I don't know all the reasons why...

You are not alone, that's the point, you are surrounded. And if you don't open your eyes, choose wisely and ask for help to understand all this. You will have sold yourself a lie that will never fill your belly. You will remain starving for identity, peace, satisfaction and faith.

Because unless you join the human race, the race is indeed already lost.


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