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My life is but a tainted rose.

A rose, with only thorns.

Its beauty yet to feel it’s birth.

My rose was born with horns.



Then you, a thought that’s laced with love.

It hurts to say your name.

My love, so deep, my every breath.

My soulmate lost in pain.



My heart a foul, too hot to hold.

A package made in hell.

Who is this filthy little girl?

I don’t deserve loves spell.



Just a taste, and nothing else.

I watch you leave me here.

Alone again, all by myself.

I cry and cry, all fear.



My love, my heart, my precious boy.

I guess our time has passed.

To take it back, if but one wish.

I prayed to God we’d last.



Once again, I am too much.

For me, for you, for us.

I wish I was a perfect girl.

Loves strength, just not enough.

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