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These men stand behind microphones, podiums, and ties. They preach applause sewing future bill bonds, and, under the table reach arounds.

America is in the grips of retribution. The retribution that comes with being at the mercy of product. Product, and the production of product. America sold its citizens to the banking industry a long time ago!

HI Nat, how are you? I don’t want to be a nuisance but I wanted to reach out because I think there’s something stuck in one of the fridges fans, or vents in the deli, downstairs. At first I though it was a bus idling, then I thought it was the thermostat frying behind the wall, like an electricity short of sorts. It’s definitely not that. It sounds like there is something stuck in one of the fan vents, a fridge vent or something. I talked to the boys down stairs, last week, and for the last few days... But I think they might not be taking me too seriously. It only just started, last week. It had been quiet before that, perfect. I thought it might blow itself out, but it hasn’t. I didn’t want to bug you with it. But the young man this morning told me to talk to you. I took a video so you could get an idea of the sound. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. Like I said, it only just started happening. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind reaching out. It seems noise is stalking me, lol

America no longer makes, anything.

Industry uprooted production, sent it overseas, along with profits to begin life in money management, not in the life of making, producing, or contributing product. Americans no longer made cars, appliances, or clothes. America no longer made anything, except, money.


De Blasio sits in his suit and speaks to the people… But what people?

These press conference performances are nothing more than award show speeches. It disgusts me, this, disgusts me.

He speaks about scientists coming together and building ventilators, right here, in America… As if that’s a new concept and wasn’t available prior to the pandemic. He speaks about not being bound by other countries denying us equipment, as if America not having these things on home soil is a punishment net we are caught in, and not something of our own making.

It’s cheaper to make ventilators outside of America, so, that’s what happens. It’s cheaper to buy PPE from China, so, that’s what happens. It’s cheaper to have workers in a country with less worker rights, and less restrictions making stuff we need. So, that's what we do. We buy stuff from a place with lower oversight, tax breaks, labor costs, and labor protection. Just like it’s cheaper to use the prison system to make license plates. Slavery. It’s cheaper. And, It’s the American way.

De Blasio sits fiddling with papers reminding him who to include in the awards show.

“I would like to thank the FDA for their swift approval, for the quick response, for the…”

FUCK THE FDA!!! And fuck you De Blasio for jerking off your fellow constituents when all they are doing, is the bare minimum. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing, they are, after all, the FDA.

Thank you for approving ventilators? Was there a choice not to? Was there a moment that the FDA could have decided that a slow option was indeed a fucking option? Or not doing it at all was also an option?


You and the fucking FDA work for the people, and you don’t get applause for doing your job. Especially when overall, you, as a department, an institution, and an oversight committee, are fucking criminals.

I’m so tired of watching these “press conferences” and sitting through the dramatic thank you lists. The congratulatory speeches and number soups. The verbal fireworks for all these tax payer funded departments helping the tax payer.

Just as a mother isn’t congratulated for feeding her child. Nor are you congratulated for doing the bare fucking minimum.

You find us all foolish, blinded by the light behind your coat tails. Well, I am not fooled. We, are not fooled.

You sit where you are because you have proclaimed a seat for such duty. Above and beyond is where applause begins. Everyone needing to be congratulated all the time is part of our social crippling. It is not only unrealistic, it’s detrimental.

No, I will not congratulate you simply because you claimed a title. No, I will not applaud you for living up to the responsibilities of such title. You wanted it, you got it, you follow through with it. It’s simple fucking math. Anyone with integrity knows those rules.

America picks and chooses when to be a victim.

Victimhood is a state of mind.

There is a difference between being a victim, and someone living, in victimhood.

America is at the mercy of the rest of the world, not only because we are part of the human race, and a planet, a universe, and a history of mankind as a whole. But because as an industry, we buy things. We don’t make things.

You old white men sit behind the pulpit and feed the weary a spoonfull of bullshit soup to cure a sickness, you, are the root cause of.

You took away their industries, their ideas, their hard work and want to participate. And you sold them an American dream that died along with their solidarity.

Welcome to the commercial that is, America. Smoke and mirrors, fairytales and Gods.

At the core of American Government lives a heart that is everything Trump.


The relentless pursuit of money, at any, and all costs.


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