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There was a boy with a pretty face and all he kissed was gold.

He kissed and kissed till once he woke to find a girl not sold.

On mindless games and bullshit aims for which he tried to reach.

For only out of lustful wants he wound up at her feet.


Then once he found beneath her face he fell upon a mind.

 It overshadowed all his tricks, and stopped him dead to find.

That worthless boys with worthless tricks need more than kisses wound in gold.

To find a happy place for them, to build a better soul.


So run away all pretty boys that share that common bound.

Retreat from girls with minds packed full of life, and love, so sound.

For even though with feelings hurt, we learn with every step

That kisses from the lips of life don't come without some strength.


Our time will pass and girls will grow, for women we become.

But little boys with little toys beneath their pants shall run;

From lips to lips until one day they wake to find their dead.

And all they did on earth that life was die a pretty death.

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