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One must always have tea with the butterflies. What would be the point of one without the other? What use is the rim of a tea cup if not to sit a butterfly? In between sips of course. 

The garden exploded with laughter and applause. The trees slapping their leaves together in approval.  What a lovely idea said the lemon tree, I hadn’t thought of that. lemons were usually a sour voice amongst the fun, but not today, not in the presence of butterflies, it wasn't possible

The frogs have the ponds, and the squirrels have the branches, each leg with a stepping stone all its own. What better a butterfly pond than warm tea in a bowl, and a branch of ceramic to stand upon. Delightful as a butterfly is, and the tea cup has such a delicate smile.  They deserve each other. 


To share flowers with the bees seems fine for a time. But to see a butterfly, on a tea cup, is divine. 


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