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With blood a breath of silence

The warmth drips down my arm

My pain takes over, empty

Owning, stalking calm


I hurt myself today

To remind myself to feel

To quiet down the shame

No safety yet to steal


I opened up my skin

My pain had lost it's way

To peel away my silence

To make my shame behave


No stillness in my heartache

Just violent, lonely pain

The bleeding stops the pressure

Stuffed within my brain


Misunderstood her torment

Forget his drowning rage

Ignoring truth to savor

So angry for her age


A want of death to quiet

My unforgiving shame

My loneliness not hiding

In smiles with sold out claim


The lies are sewn, so golden

In choices none my own

To suffer is my soldier

All faces dirty shown


The rotten skin to shroud me

A dirty wrap of filth

Discard myself if only

To rest inside, be still


I have none left to squander

I'm broken, lost and empty

The fight has won me nothing

My shame has brought me plenty


The scars my arms are holding

More failures left undone

The fights I've fought forever

None of which I've won

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