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The forgotten have been found, and they are coming in droves...


Middle America is stirring, and people are pouring out into the streets, into basement meeting halls and churches, and like an abscess draining its pus; they weep together, holding signs and cheering. 

"A savior has come!"

The lower middle class have found a voice, a voice that makes them feel a part of something they have been excluded from, for a very long time. Conversations about America.

They are excited, standing instead of sitting, listening instead of changing the channel, and registering to vote, some of them, for the first time in their lives. So many causes, so many struggles have taken front and center within American society, and none of them see a reflection. 

They're not a minority, they're not a conglomerate business owner, or part of an Islamic terrorist organization. They're not invested on Wall Street, represented by any activist group, or a target demographic for any deciding factor. They're the regular folks, the people everybody makes fun of. You know, the ones on YouTube videoing each other riding shopping carts into porta-potty's, and shallow water. The ones commonly referred to as poor, white, trash.

The plight of the working-class white person has been silently accepted as paying dues. They must suffer now, for what those before them have done.

Poverty does not discriminate. Hunger, and desperation, do not discriminate. Need, wanting, and oppression, does not discriminate. It doesn't adhere to any one color, or any one group. These are human struggles, all valid, all perspectives. 

No community can flourish when it feeds on fear, guilt, or inequality. No animal can flourish, when it separates itself from the herd. The human race is not a race that can be won by any one human, or any one race. Mankind, separated, from the whole, is failure.

There is only one war, and it's a class war. We must all stand together. Not just for what we want right now. Not just for our kind, our hurt, or our personal entitlement to one side of right.  But for what is good and just for all, for always. And in connection with those, and the world around us. Connection. Not perfection, redemption, or pretending we ourselves are not part of a problem. 

Trump is a smart man, like most dictators, he knows his audience. He's siphoned all the racists, and those left, in the guilt of their taking. He's tapped into a part of society that's mostly overlooked during these popularity contests, and these people, are going to vote for him, again. Some will vote because they believe his advertising. Some, because they think he's funny. And some will vote to bring retribution to a systematic enemy. An enemy that lives, regardless of their voice.

Ignorance has always had the right to vote, let it be toothless, or donning a suit. But lord let it not come angry...

Trump has tapped into the parts of America where recruiting stations set up shop, to sign up children, to die. The parts of America that are drowning in poverty, strip clubs, and scratch off ticket dust. The parts of America where the only thing to do is ride your bike up and down a dirt road, or shoot guns. The parts of America where the only work is in factories, mines, local fishing stations, or driving trucks filled with shit you can't afford, back and forth to cities, you'll never see.

The poor and uneducated. The tired, the disenfranchised, and the part of the population that used to belong to the good ole boys club. The part of white society that feels generally fucked over by America as a whole. And, at the same time, will fight to the death to defend its being the greatest country in the world. 

He has also tapped into the rust of racism and given it permission to come out from under the hood. The design of hatred is a tool well used for the weak, the wicked, and the greedy.

Trump has also connected with a part of society that have been made to shove a sock in their mouth, and shut up. A part made to feel guilty for wanting more, because those that walked before them have stolen, so much.

The backbone of America is a spine, filled with shrapnel, and nerve damage. A collage over a map of deceit, war, and industry. 

The Working Class, the Lower Middle Class. The people it seems everybody is embarrassed by. Dirty hands, and broken hearts. 

The workhorse...

Trump is unlike anything we've ever seen in congress. He's not talking in riddles using big words and department acronyms. He tweets easily digestible ammunition nuggets. He feeds the hungry the story they want to hear. 

His audience aren't people with Harvard degrees, or people that studied economics. They don't watch their diet, or do Yoga. They try to recycle, but what's recycling? They don't watch documentaries, organize their sock draws, or have central air conditioning. Trump talks to the "Common Man" in a language he can understand, about things, he can relate to. He talks straight faced, without apology, and passionately to the gun toting, bible bashing, two pack a day smoking, war fighting white folk. And they are listening, closely...

A cartoon character has bought a ticket to the White House, and is tap dancing his way into being the President of the United States of America, again. He's a perfect American creation. He's that commercial with the endless fine print. He's the terrified cowboy with a registered weapon, he's an entertainer, a bully, and famous. He's the rich guy that fucks all the hot chicks and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks because he can buy everything. He's what every middle American boy wants to be, what every middle American man wishes he was, and what every Jackie Collins reading middle American woman wants in a crusader. He's the white trash answer to Scarface. He's comin in and wreaking havoc, kicking in doors and spitting in people’s faces. He's making a mockery of a system shrouded in secrets, language masturbation, and fraud. And, they love it. 

They don't care if it makes sense, or, if he says something different tomorrow, they love it, they love him, and they want a ticket to his show.

He's a talented performer and a brilliant puppeteer. He's reading his crowd and formatting the act accordingly. He's got people excited about being a part of his "revolution". With his evangelical delivery of elitist judgement, smoke and mirrors, wins the race. 

It’s performance...

If this is just about votes, this guy’s got a lot of them coming his way, just for shits and giggles.

The problem is...

This is all a T.V show, none of its real... People are watching, laughing, and signing up. It's always been amazing to me what human beings can accomplish when they band together, and unite.

There are three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and what really happened. 

Donald Trump is the beacon of light so many find hope in. That to me is a true sign of starvation. If Donald Trump is speaking gospel to so many, we have all failed in being our brother’s keeper. Because, these people we all poke fun at, the one's that build our cars, feed the burger that feeds us, and keep Walmart a billion-dollar company. 

These "Assholes" are changing the fucking world!!!

So, give me a stage, where this bull here can rage and although I can fight, I would rather recite. That's entertainment.


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